Tuffon Hall Wedding | Emma & Richard

Tuffon Hall Wedding | Emma & Richard

Shot on location at Tuffon Hall, Essex | August 2022

Of all the HOT weddings I shot during that long, glorious summer of 2022, Emma & Richard’s Tuffon Hall Wedding was, without doubt, the hottest. It was blistering hot……but was also an incredible amount of fun!

I’m a big fan of Tuffon Hall. Not only is it close to home, only a 20 minute drive or so, but I’m also very proud to be one of their recommended suppliers. So it’s always good to be back & say hello to everyone. One of the wonderful things about the venue is the separate locations for the Bridal & Groom prep. For Emma & Richard’s Tuffon Hall Wedding the boys took the farmhouse & the girls were in the house around the corner.

Both prep’s that morning were frantic, there was a lot happening, but I was delighted to be able to capture the present giving; Emma to her Bridesmaids & Emma to Richard. Thoughtful gifts & very touching moments to film.

One of my favourite moments of the day came during the reception when the wedding band performed for Emma & Richard’s guests. I loved how they were able to move and integrate around Emma & Richard’s friends & family, it made for a very fluid & inclusive performance & I loved that dancing that it generated.

I also enjoyed working alongside photographer Justin Bailey once again. This is the second wedding in a row that I’ve posted where I worked with Justin. He takes some beautiful images which you should check out if you have a chance.

Emma & Richard were great company on the day. I enjoyed my time with them both & I hope they, along with their friends & family, enjoy this film of their day. I loved putting together their Tuffon Hall Wedding film & I thank them for their help & hospitality on the day.

How Did You Get Engaged

We went to Barcelona for a long weekend. Barcelona is Emma’s favourite City and the first place we went on holiday together as a couple nearly 10 years ago.

Rich proposed on a rooftop bar overlooking Barcelona at night with the Sagrada Familia all lit up in front of us. We then went out and did quite a lot of shots in the bar we went to in the Gothic Quarter on our first time to Barcelona and ended the night in style with a huge McDonald’s.

Why did you choose a Tuffon Hall?

We loved the relaxed feel of Tuffon Hall and the beautiful views over the vines.

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