Gaynes Park Wedding Video | Kerry & Matt

Gaynes Park Wedding Video | Kerry & Matt

Shot on location at Gaynes Park, Epping, Essex | July 2021

I loved putting together Kerry & Matt’s peaceful Gaynes Park Wedding Video. Theirs was a really wonderful day & I had a lovely time with them both.

A Gaynes Park wedding is always a stunning affair & this was my first time back at the venue since the start of the pandemic. But as always the venue looked in stunning condition.

As I arrived at Gaynes Park that morning, I was slightly surprised to see the boys had already arrived & were milling about. From my notes there weren’t expect at the venue for another hour or so & chatting with Matt later, he told me they just wanted to get there early & be ready.

I sensed a little nervous energy but delighted they were there and able to get ready on time. Classic boys through, they ended up rushing about near the end of their prep & had to rush to meet the registrars!

Of course the stars of the show weren’t just Kerry & Matt….but also their 5 year old twin girls Emy & Evie who looked amazing & seemed to have a wonderful day.

I hope Kerry & Matt, along with their friends & family, enjoy this film of their day. I loved putting together their Gaynes Park Wedding Video & I thank them for their help & hospitality on the day.

How did you guys meet?

Nice and simple – through a mutual friend, our Maid of Honour, Lucy.
Lucy thought we would be great together, and she was right!
We moved in together in the first year of being together and haven’t left eachothers side since.
11 years later + 5 year old twins and here we are!

How did you get engaged?

Matt proposed to me on a rowing boat in hyde park, london, on a beautiful sunny day. Although he didn’t plan for the boat to not have anywhere to secure the ores, so I had to hold them while he got down on one knee! So I couldn’t actually accept the ring.. or do anything for that matter haha.

What made you choose Gaynes Park?

We had actually chosen High House, however we told ourselves we shouldn’t pick the first venue without seeing others, even though we were 100% on it. Turns out Gaynes Park blew us away even more! We booked it right away.

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