Gaynes Park Wedding Video | Hannah & Greg

Gaynes Park Wedding Video | Hannah & Greg

Shot on location at Gaynes Park, Epping | October 2021

This was a great wedding. I had a really lovely time with Hannah & Greg & I loved putting together their Gaynes Park Wedding Video.

Gaynes Park is such a wonderful venue & I think this wedding meant I was creeping into double figures for my trips to the venue this year. Suppliers are always well treated & couples always looked after & this was very much evident for Hannah & Greg’s day.

One of my favourite moments was during Hannah & Greg’s service. Greg was so excited, I don’t think I’ve seen a Groom look more excited as his partner walked down the aisle. There was a really lovely moment, that I’ve included at the end fo this film, where both Hannah & Greg applaud their guests.

It was a really lovely gesture after all the trauma of the last 18 months. A collective WE DID IT!

I hope Hannah & Greg, along with their friends & family, enjoy this film of their day. I loved putting together this Gaynes Park Wedding Video & I thank them for their help & hospitality on the day.

How did you both meet?

We met in a nightclub in December 2011 then started dating in January 2012.
In August 2016 we took the plunge and went travelling around the world – Saved all our money, left our jobs and sold our cars. Together we have climbed Mount Fuji, watched the night skyline in Hong Kong, tackled the Great Wall of China, visited the elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, snorkelled at the Great Barrier Reef, have been quad biking in New Zealand, sunbathed in Fiji, road tripped across America and went skiing in Canada. We had the time of our lives! Then back to England & back to reality, we now have a wonderful home with our 2 fur babies (our Maine coon cats). We still have so much more to look forward to together and so many more memories to make!

Why a Gaynes Park Wedding?

Gaynes Park had everything we were looking for. The icing on the cake for us was the view of the London skyline on a clear day. You can see the Shard where we got engaged

Why did you choose me?

We loved all of your videos and was looking for someone who had worked at Gaynes park before. We wanted someone who knows all the best areas of the venue!

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