Blake Hall Wedding Film | Laura & Frank

Blake Hall Wedding Film | Laura & Frank

Shot on location at Blake Hall, Essex | July 2022

Laura & Frank put together a great wedding & it was such an honour to film their day & put together this Blake Hall Wedding Film.

Blake Hall is a great venue, I love filming there but sadly I’m not there enough. I must only film at the venue once a year, which is a shame because it’s so well looked after & run. For Laura & Frank’s it was great that everyone was on site & in one place as this allowed me to go back & forth between the boys & girls in the morning & capture as much prep as possible.

It was also great to work alongside the brilliant Courtney Dee Photography for this Blake Hall Wedding. Courtney & I had a lot of fun on the day & we were well looked after by the team at Blake Hall.

I hope Laura & Frank, along with their friends & family, enjoy this film of their day. I loved putting together their Blake Hall Wedding Film & I thank them for their help & hospitality on the day.

How did you both meet?

We met through friends – a friend used my phone one time to call frank and his friends and then we had each other’s numbers and we just got talking from there. There’s not that much between our ages I’m 30 and franks 32, but in school years I was year 9 when he was year 11. So by the time I was in year 11 Frank had already left school and I remember he’d come pick me up when I’d finish – I’d go his for a bit and then he’d drop me home.

We moved out together and rented a flat in march 2017. The march the following year we got a mortgage and moved into our first little house. Evie our daughter arrived in the June 2018

Why did you choose Blake Hall?

We loved that everything for the day was in one place and guests didn’t have to travel between venues.
Also loved the grounds and the barn theme. This was the only venue we visited

Why did you choose me?

You did a friends wedding and we loved what you put together for them

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