Villiers Barn Wedding Video | Rachel & James

Villiers Barn Wedding Video | Rachel & James

Shot on location at Villiers Barn, Essex | August 2022

I absolutely loved this wedding. Thank you Rachel & James for letting me spend your day with you both & for being so accommodating & enthusiastic. This was a lovely wedding with so many touching moments & just a positive vibe all day long. I loved putting together this Villiers Barn Wedding Video.

I arrived at Villiers Barn early in the morning to say hello to the girls & grab some of the set up & I found a very relaxed Rachel being looked after by everyone. From there, it was a quick trip around the corner to Weeley Church in time to meet the boys. I usually like to get some shots in the Church before guests arrive, but on this occasion, the building wasn’t open until very late so I was unfortunately unable to show the church in all its glory before guests started to file in.

I felt that James looked a little nervous before the ceremony, however I admired his composure during this moment as he waited for Rachel to arrive & I like wide shot I got of him, waiting alone before his Bride arrived. A moment of patience & reflection.

James’ speech later that afternoon was a masterclass. He told their story perfectly & talked passionately & beautifully about Rachel. Fun fact, I used to go to The Roxy a lot when I was younger so was delighted to hear they had met in such a brilliant little club. I have many good, & hazy, memories of that place!

I hope Rachel & James, along with their friends & family, enjoy this film of their day. I loved putting together their Villiers Barn Wedding Video & I thank them for their help & hospitality on the day.

How did you meet?

Rachel – We met in a bar in London called The Roxy. I was out with some friends and he was out with some of his. One of my friends knew one of his and they got chatting so we were introduced. We shared a kiss that night, swapped numbers and texted until we arranged our first date 🙂

Why did you choose Villiers Barn?

We looked at a few but liked the layout of Villiers as we knew we wanted a summer wedding and loved the gardens there.

How did you find me?

I wanted an artistic feel to our wedding feel and just felt you managed to sum up the vibe of the day in what is quite a short video really. Plus I cried watching each one while we were researching which must be a good sign!

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