Old Parish Rooms Wedding Video | Natalie and Phillip

Old Parish Rooms Wedding Video | Natalie and Phillip

Shot on location at The Rayleigh Windmill and the Old Parish Rooms, Essex | September 2023

I really loved this wedding, it was a small and personal but filled with lovely people and wonderful moments, and as such I loved filming and putting together Natalie and Phillip’s Old Parish Rooms Wedding Video.

The day started with bridal prep at Natalie and Phillip’s house, where I arrived just in time to get footage of the little yellow bus arrive nice and early ahead of taking Natalie and bridal party to the ceremony. One of the highlights of my day was Natalie insisting I had a look in Phillip’s little man cave that featured signed West Ham and Paul Weller photos. To be honest, I could have stayed in there all day.

The ceremony was held at the Rayleigh Windmill, which is, as you would expect, a tiny room in the 200 year old Windmill. It was really tough to film in, very close and absolutely no room to move, but the ceremony was wonderful.

From there, it was a short walk through Rayleigh to The Old Parish Rooms, for a wonderful meal (Photographer Tracey Morter and I were delighted with our 3 courses! thank you!) and speeches, which we almost missed as they were about to start before we were informed and all set up to capture! However, a quick word, a 5 minute postponement and we were good to go. It was good to work alongside Tracey again and we had a great day with Natalie and Phillip, who were wonderful hosts.

I hope Natalie and Phillip, along with their friends and family, enjoy this film of their day. I loved putting together their Old Parish Rooms Wedding Video, and I thank them for their help and their hospitality on the day.

How did you guys first meet?

We first met on a blind date at a coffee shop in Leigh 7 years ago and after a year and a half I moved in with Phillip and his 2 children Ben & Hannah. We then bought our own house 3 years ago and have made numerous fabulous memories since.

What made you choose The Old Parish Rooms?

We wanted something small and personal and close to home, it was the only one we looked at and the old parish rooms was nearby and looks perfect for us too.

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