Marks Hall Wedding Video | Louise and Edward

Marks Hall Wedding Video | Louise and Edward

Shot on location at Marks Hall, Essex | May 2023

I had a great time at this wedding and I loved putting together Louise and Edward’s Marks Hall Wedding Video.

I’m a big fan of Marks Hall and was saddened to hear that the venue would be closing later in the year. My family and I used to live in Coggeshall and we would often walk across the fields behind our old house to Marks Hall when our children were young, so it holds happy memories. It was good to be back on site and in the grounds.

My day started early, arriving on site to see the girls and say hello. From then I started grabbing some establishing shots of the venue, mainly the ducks, and then filming some of the wedding set up.

The boys arrived on time and I must say, Ed looked very smart in his blue suit, and they did a great job of meeting and greeting guests on arrival.

Outdoor ceremonies are always tricky and this was the case for this Wedding. Shooting from the dark, under a gazebo, into the light always causes problems but the main issue was Ed’s height. He struggled at times to be able to stand under the gazebo and I was hopeful he wouldn’t hit his head during an sensitive moment in the ceremony!

The Marks Hall Estate provides a myriad of scenic spots, including blooming gardens, tranquil lakes, and hidden pathways, all serving as exquisite backdrops for Louise and Ed. We had a great time post speeches riding around the Estate on one of their golf buggies, stopping at spots of light and backdrops that looked amazing.

All in all, Louise and Ed created a magical day, and I was so privileged to have been a part of it. Marks Hall is such a beautiful wedding venue, it’ll be sad to see it go. I hope Louise and Ed, along with their friends and family, enjoy this film of their day. I loved putting together their Marks Hall Wedding Video and I thank them for their help and their hospitality on the day.

How did you both meet?

We were set up by mutual friends from each of our works. Our first date was 3rd February 2018, at Latino’s Tapas Restaurant in Hadleigh, Essex. We went on dates to London and Colchester Zoo over the next couple of weekends until the 21st February ’18 when Ed asked Louise out properly.

Why did you choose Marks Hall?

We instantly fell in love with the venue the moment we saw it online and this was only made stronger when we visited for our tour. We viewed a few others around Essex but we just didn’t feel any compared.

Why did you choose me?

We loved your previous work and thought you would be a fantastic fit for our big day.

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