Houchins Wedding Video | Kelly and Mitchell

Houchins Wedding Video | Kelly and Mitchell - Philip Smith Visuals

Houchins Wedding Video | Kelly and Mitchell

Shot on location at Houchins, Essex | August 2023

I’m delighted to present Kelly and Mitchell’s Houchins wedding video. This was a tough wedding to film, mainly due to the weather, which tipped it down; however, that didn’t seem to affect Kelly and Mitchell, who were brilliant company the whole day.

As a prefered partner at Houchins, I always enjoy filming and spending time at the venue, so I had been looking forward to this wedding for a while. Kelly and Mitchell seemed, in the conversations I had with them leading up to the big day, relaxed and excited for their wedding and had some really cool little touches planned that I was delighted to capture.

One of these was their personal vows, which I thought were stunning. Brilliantly written and delivered, their vows, alongside the two readings they had chosen, form the centerpiece of this video and tell their story so perfectly. I’m always a big fan of personal vows, and these were so beautiful and touching.

I hope Kelly and Mitchell, along with their friends and family, enjoy this film of their day. I loved putting together their Houchins wedding video, and I thank them for their help and their hospitality on the day.

How did you guys both meet?

We met at the end of 2009 whilst doing our A-Levels and have been together ever since! 13.5 years by the time we get married! We were together all through my time at university, with Mitch driving his trusty KA to Norwich every other week to visit me—something I’ll never be able to repay, although I have just about accepted Mitch’s love of West Ham over me at this point, so perhaps we are even!

As a couple, we are very laid-back and relaxed and always go with the flow, making each other belly-laugh most days, and we just have the upmost respect for each other. We feel so lucky to have grown up together and built the lives we have. Most days, we say to each other, ‘How did we get so lucky?!’ (I know, cringe!)

What made you choose Houchins?

Houchins was the first venue we saw, and we fell in love right away. We knew we wanted a big wedding with lots of friends and family with a relaxed and fun vibe, and Houchins seemed to fit that. We love that there’s lots of different areas for people to mingle, relax, and dance, but yet it still feels intimate and compact.

We wanted to book on the spot, but Fi from Houchins very sensibly advised us to visit others, which we did! Seeing other venues still made us feel Houchins was the right one for us. We also visited Le Talbooth, which we really liked, and now feel like we have the best of both worlds as they are catering the wedding breakfast!

Why did you choose me for your Houchins Wedding Video?

Philip’s style of videography seemed to fit our style perfectly. We didn’t want a video too focused on us; we wanted a video that captured the day as a whole. The idea of being filmed and posing for photos and videos is a little daunting to us, and we felt like Philip’s approach was relaxed and subtle and fit the whole vibe of our day.

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Houchins Wedding Video | Kelly and Mitchell - Philip Smith Visuals
Houchins Wedding Video - Philip Smith Visuals
Houchins Wedding Video | Kelly and Mitchell