Hengrave Hall Wedding Video | Sarah and Lee

Hengrave Hall Wedding Video | Sarah and Lee

Shot on location at Hengrave Hall, April 2024

My first wedding of 2024, and it was a great one to kick off the season. Back at one of my favourite venues – Hengrave Hall and I was delighted to capture Sarah and Lee’s wonderful Hengrave Hall Wedding.

It was a breezy day when I arrived on site and Sarah was really keen that I was to get some drone shots of the venue, I managed to get a quick shot before the high wind warnings started beeping and I had to land the little thing. The weather also tried to rain in the morning, the outlook wasn’t too inviting for the day, but in the end the sun came out and Sarah and Lee were treated to some wonderful weather.

One of the great joys of Hengrave Hall and the couple’s bedrooms for the prep, the boys are tucked away with a pool table and drinks and the girls have the elegance of the grand bedroom. Both rooms make for some beautiful shots and I found both Sarah and Lee in good spirits in the morning. Although, there was a slight trouser issue with the boys – someone was literally wearing the wrong trousers!

I do hope Sarah and Lee, along with their family and friends and little lad Archie, enjoy this Hengrave Hall Wedding video, and I thank Sarah and Lee for their help and hospitality on the day.

Why did you choose Hengrave Hall?

We only looked at 3 venues ! We were sold just driving up the long driveway and seeing Hengrave Hall from the distance! We loved the character and it felt like a romantic venue.

Why did you choose me for your Hengrave Hall Wedding?

We loved your wedding videos online! Also you were really friendly on the initial call and I knew we’d feel comfortable on the day

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