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Waddeson Manor Wedding Video – Steph and James

Waddesdon Manor  Wedding Video – Shot on location at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire
August 2019

I’m delighted to to present this Waddesdon Manor Wedding Video. Stephanie and James had a brilliant day, baked in hot sun, and I hope they, along with their friends and families, love this film.

This film was shot in a different way to some of my other work as Steph had mentioned that she didn’t want any of her prep filmed. As such, I decided to focus on the venue set up for the start of this film and luckily, there was loads going on.

The Dairy at Waddesdon was a hive of activity that morning and I had a great time wandering around and finding interesting angles and shadows to shoot through.  The venue is a goldmine of brilliant locations, from the courtyard in the center to the reception area out by the lake. Each offered an opportunity to shoot Steph and James’ wedding in an interesting and creative way.

Myself and photographer Tom Halliday found some even greater spots when we took Steph and James off for some solo shots during the reception, as the grounds behind the lake evolved into some kind of  secret garden the featured so many opportunities to be creative.

One of the best things about this wedding was working alongside some brilliant suppliers – namely, Tom and singer Idreiss. I’ve worked with these chaps many times and enjoy their company on a wedding day. Infact, both have featured on my Wedding Planning Podcast – Meet The Wedding Suppliers which you can listen to here.

I hope Steph and James love this film of their day, I had a wonderful time with them both and I loved putting this Waddesdon Manor Wedding Video together for them both.

Watch Stephanie and James’ Waddesdon Manor Wedding Video below.

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