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FAQ - How I produce my Essex Wedding Videos and Wedding Films
What are the prices?

The best thing is to first email me for further info on prices and pricing structure. I'm based on the Essex / Suffolk border and travel all over the UK - but any Weddings more than 50 miles from my base will incur some minor travel costs - but we'll talk all these through at the time of enquiry. If travel clocks in at more than 2 hours, I usually need accommodation the night before (so that I’m there early enough to film you getting ready). A simple Premier Inn will do, but again we can chat about this.

What is the booking process?

I'm really easy when it comes to the booking process and am happy to chat through everything or meet up to discuss the packages and prices. Some couples like to book straight away once they know their date is free, others like to meet and chat and talk through it all. I'm happy to do whatever makes you guys feel comfortable.

The first step is to email through and see if the date is free. If so, I'll send over some info on the packages and prices for you to look over. Then we can chat and meet up if required or you can jump straight ahead and tell me what package you'd like to book.  From there I'll send you a deposit invoice of 20% of the total, along with some terms and conditions of booking. Once the deposit is paid we're all booked in and good to go. I generally get in touch with couples around a month before the wedding, when I'll send out the final invoice and the Plan of the Day form for you to fill out with all the timings and plan for the wedding. From there we'll have a final chat to confirm the timings and locations and all the details then it's good to go!

How long are you with us on the day?

The time that I will start filming very much depends on the specific timings of your day, but I will generally start filming around 3 hours before the service, up until after the first dance - but of course this is all dependent on the events you have planned on the day and the timings of everything. We'll chat through all of this during the process, but I always stay until after the first dance.

My venue has filming restrictions - can we work around this?

Always - although this is very rare, it is the client’s responsibility to find out if any such restrictions are in place. If so, please let me know straight away and we can try our best to work around them.  Some Churches ask for an extra fee to have the ceremony filmed, and again this is the client's responsibility to make this arrangement before the wedding.

When will we get the films back?

Filming the day is just the start of the process, the real magic comes in the edit. Even after I've edited everything together and made everything look stunning I then have to colour grade each shot before mixing all the audio, encoding the films and uploading. This all takes time. My aim is to deliver the finished films within 6 weeks, but sometimes this process does take a little longer.

Good editing takes time and I'd rather not rush the film back before it's looking amazing

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have full Public Liability Insurance which can be provided on request. I'm also a qualified First Aider - although I've never had to use this at at wedding.

How do I know you won’t lose our video?

After every wedding, I immediately back up everything I filmed that day onto an external hard drive. Then, when I get back to the studio, I back this up again onto another hard drive; for good measure, I also back it up to a third hard drive, which is kept off-site. That way, if anything happens to my local physical copies, there’s always another backup somewhere to make sure your footage is safe. Your finished films are uploaded to a separate server and are password protected so only you and I can access them.

Have you been to our venue before / worked with our photographer?

With 200 weddings under my belt, chances are that I have. If not, I usually do some recce-ing of the venue on the morning day of the wedding and look though images and films of the venue online to get an idea of the flow of the venue. And of course, on the day, keeping in close contact with your wedding planner always helps!

Photographer wise - again, I've met and worked alongside loads of brilliant people and I'm aways excited to work alongside a new photographer at a wedding - as well as the ones I know well. My aim is to make sure you get great images - be that photo AND video, so I always work closely with your photographer to make sure you get brilliant film and stills of your wedding.

Do we supply food for you?

This would be greatly appreciated. A wedding day is a LONG day to work - often 12 hours on your feet without a chance to sit and take time out. Most venues have supplier meals ready to go for you to order and any food that you provide to photographers and videographers is always greatly appreciated.  However, if this is not possible please let me know before the wedding.

Anything I've not covered here - do drop me a line and we can talk through everything!